VooPoo is an electronic cigarette producer company known for its excellent vape innovation. They offer both flexible and durable items. VooPoo’s GENE chip is also an outstanding innovation in the business as well. It is such advancement in the vaping industry that offers a great deal of energy and opportunity for customization into one single pack. The GENE Chip is said to have the quickest ramp-up time to rapidly control your atomizer and omit out the e-fluid. Gadgets that utilize GENE Chip are the Voo Poo Drag, VooPoo Drag 2, etc. The Voo Poo Drag is outstanding amongst other vapes ever made. Voo Poo Drag 2 is also amazing. If you are a vapes fan, VooPoo is a name you have to recall.


VooPoo has an amazing history also. The R&D initially started in 2010 when the founders engaged themselves in material research. It started in 2012 and at first, serving the industrial and medical sectors only. A few years later in 2016, it acquired the woody vapes, an American electronic cigarette. Then the next year in 2017 the company fully started as a vape producer. In 2019 VooPoo launched VINCI products which were highly rated by the users and it won the best device award in a show in the USA named the electronic cigarette show. From the entrance till now VooPoo is magically leading the market and all are looking forward to seeing new breakthroughs in the vape industry.


Instructions to Use VooPoo

How To Unlock Voopoo Drag

  • Press the fire button 5 times in a row to on or off the power.
  • There are 4 interfaces. Press the fire button 3 times continuously to change the interfaces.
  • To control the temperature, when it is set to 200f, press the down button continuously and it will be 315°C. When it is set to 100°C, press the down button continuously to make it 600F.
  • Press the up and down button to switch MI to MS.
  • Press the fire button quickly 4 times and the device will change into second customization mode under the power customization mode interface.
  • If you don’t use it for 30 seconds, it will automatically turn off the screen and enter the sleep mode.
  • When charging, if you don’t operate it for 30 seconds it will turn into saving mode and then display the battery icon.